At Nuron Fleet, we boast a wide range of services that can be tailored to suit your individual needs:

Vehicle Specifications

Getting vehicle specifications right is key. We work to ensure all aspects are set according to their determined “fit-for-purpose”.

Vehicle Maintenance

Regular vehicle servicing helps avoid unnecessary costs on major repairs further down the line. Our maintenance service eliminates the need for spare vehicles and extends the lifecycles of your fleet vehicles.

Fleet Optimisation

Fleet optimisation helps you improve efficiency and optimise your vehicle fleet size. We have partnered with Bishop Fleet Optimisation, an international fleet optimisation organisation based in Australia with offices in America and New Zealand.

Fuel Management Services

Our fuel management services effectively administer and manage fuel provision. 

Vehicle Tracking and Recovery System

Nuron is a proud distributor of Global Tack and TomTom vehicle tracking systems.

Driver Training and Risk Management 

We have partnered with Applied Driver Technique in the UK to provide you with professional and internationally recognised driver training and risk management.

Truck Queuing/Booking System

  • Allow fleets to book slots
  • Track progress in the queue
  • Get realtime notifications
  • Optimize & prevent delays at queuing destinations

Develop Fleet Systems

  • Create customized fleet solutions

Other Services

  • Fleet Management Training
  • Vehicle and Disposal Management 

Looking for personalised, world-class, comprehensive fleet management? 

Give us a call to find out how we can help you minimise liabilities and increase productivity, ultimately improving your bottom line.